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Easy Acupressure for Allergies & Colds

Get relief from sinus & ear congestion + coughs

Course Summary

Allergies, Colds & Ear Pressure...Oh my! If there was just something you could do yourself to help take away the discomfort of feeling so stuffed up & uncomfortable!

Well, if you have every been frustrated at trying to get an appointment when you need something NOW or if you want to increase the efficacy of your current treatments, you will LOVE this mini-video series.

Mini Lessons average less than 3.5 minutes in length so it is easy to go through at your own pace.

Course Curriculum

Tabitha Marsh

Tabitha is a thought leader, writer, holistic coach and doctor of natural medicine dedicated to helping support you in creating a life that works for you.


Medical Receptionist


“When I started seeing Tabitha so much in my life has changed. Not only am I healing…but I have learned to listen to my body in the process which is huge not just for healing, but living a healthy life."

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